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In South America many people spend their nights, traditionally, in a hammock. For many generations it has served them as their sleeping chamber. Brazil's traditional hammock production suffered a collapse when a few years ago more and more cheap foam mattresses from the Far East replaced the hammock as a bed. Numerous factories had to close and many employees in Ceara, the poorest region in Brazil, lost their jobs.

AMAZONAS keeps hammock tradition alive and renovates insolvent hammock factory

One of these empty hammock factories became the birthplace of the AMAZONAS company. Together with a Brazilian we bought the building complex in 1996, renovated the structure and purchased new looms. Due to the rapid growth, the old buildings were demolished in 2002 and replaced by a new, modern production hall. The modern hall was equipped with additional looms and a new exhaust system ensures dust-free working conditions.


AMAZONAS secures over 100 jobs after industry slump

Heute garantiert der Export von AMAZONAS-Hängematten mehr als 100 einheimischen Arbeitern einen festen Arbeitsplatz. Die Mehrheit von ihnen erhält den zwei- bis dreifachen gesetzlich geschützten Mindestlohn und damit ein sicheres Einkommen für sie und ihre Familien. Zusätzlich verfügen sie über soziale Standards, die in den ländlichen Gebieten Brasiliens noch weitgehend unbekannt sind, wie Sozial-, Krankenversicherung und bezahlten Urlaub.


Occupational safety and health are paramount

Exporting to Europe brings other advantages for our employees. The quality of the raw materials we use corresponds to European standards. The environmental compatibility of the colors used not only benefits the waters of Brazil, but also means a healthy workplace for the workers who process the dyed cotton. Headphones as noise protection are not used anywhere except here. 


Continuous implementation of safety and quality checks

In addition, we have regular analyses of our hammocks for AZO dyes, heavy metals, formaldehyde and other harmful substances to ensure the high quality of our products.

This makes it even more carefree!



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