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Therapeutic hammocks and therapeutic swings can support people in various therapies - e.g. autism spectrum disorders especially in children - this is exactly what our survey confirms.
By using natural resources such as water and wood for the production of the wooden furniture a sustainable energy cycle is created. AMAZONAS uses this cycle for the production to create a healthy environment for employees.
The Fat Hammock luxury hammock is handmade in a traditional family business. Sustainable and fair, in our partner factory in Poland. In this video we show you the individual production steps.
Lovingly handcrafted, the Globo (Royal) Hanging Chair is made in a traditional family business. Sustainable and fair, in our partner manufactory in Poland. This video explains the individual production steps.
Lovingly and by hand, our wooden frames are made in a traditional family business. Sustainable and fair, in our partner factory in Poland. Here you can learn more about the individual production steps.
Safe. Healthy. Strengthened. - With the Amazonas Koala baby hammock your child is in the right place. In this blog post, you will learn how a baby hammock can support and promote the natural development of your baby.
Probably the most incredible story is that of Carlos, Bernardo's (founder and director of Kleiner Nazareno e.V.) adopted son. He found his family again after 27 years.
In times when there seems to be bad news in the newspapers every day, good news creates room for optimism again. Despite the Corona pandemic, which has hit people in Brazil's poor neighbourhoods particularly hard, these stories provide reason for optimism.
Our partner Krzysztof in Poland is producer for the AMAZONAS garden furniture and the cushions and Fat Hammock designed for it. Sustainability and environmental friendliness plays a major role in the ecological production.
AMAZONAS produces in Poland with FSC(TM) certified wood, solar energy and has even developed a sustainable production cycle system.
Hammocks - A word, or almost a science. The selection is gigantic and tastes are different here. Rod hammock, or classic hammock - which is better? One topic, many opinions. We enlighten you.
Hanging mats not only look beautiful, but also offer considerable added value to health. Reasons why lying and even sleeping in a hammock is good for your health are explained in this article.
For many years, Brazilians have traditionally slept in a hammock, and many have no bed at all. They do this for many reasons: 1. you will fall asleep faster. 2. sleep is generally quieter and more efficient.
There are numerous possibilities to hang and fix our products. Sitting and lying positions are individual for everyone. Here you get the full view how to get the best for your product and yourself.
Not everyone has a suitable, stable ceiling or a large tree in the garden. That's why we have a whole range of frames for hanging chairs. But which one should you choose?
Would you like to set up your hammock flexibly in the garden without being "tied" to a tree or a house wall? Excellent! We have the solution.
Hanging chairs can be hung up anywhere quickly and easily. In addition to the right hanging height, you also need the right fastening options. Whether on the ceiling or on a tree in the garden, we have the right attachment for you for every situation.
Hammocks can be hung up almost anywhere in the blink of an eye. But what does it take to hang a hammock on a tree, on a beam or on the wall?
You can enjoy the full hammock if you pay attention to a few things when hanging it up. Learn more about how to hang your hammock properly.
Each model of hanging chair requires a different amount of space to hang up. Depending on the size of the hammock chair and the weight of the user, the required height can vary.
Brazilian hammocks are very wide and are still used as a bed in Brazil. In our country hammocks are seen as an oasis of relaxation and recreation. So that you can experience the full lying comfort of a hammock, we show you here the Brazilian lying technique.
AMAZONAS is a manufacturer of hammocks and hanging chairs traditionally produced by hand in Brazil. Up to 100 trained employees work for original Brazilian quality at the highest level.
AMZONAS renovates solvent hammock factory in Brazil, thus securing jobs for up to 100 locals and, thanks to European standards, offers them a safe working environment and thus security for them and their families.
In addition to our ongoing quality controls at independent testing institutes, new and existing products are continuously tested for their maximum load capacity.
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