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Hanging height of hanging chairs

How much space do I need to hang up a hanging chair? Quite simple!

Each model of hanging chair requires a different amount of space to hang up. Depending on the size of the hanging chair and the weight of the user, the required height can vary.
For an average load, the minimum hanging heights listed below apply (from the floor to the top loop of the hanging chair). The length of the fixing material (hooks or similar) must also be included in the calculation. It is important to note that the hanging chair will still stretch when it is first used - so don't worry if the hanging height seems a bit high at first.
The recommended distance from the floor to the bottom of the hanging chair is always about 40-50 cm under load, regardless of which hanging chair is used. This makes it easy to get in and out of the hanging chair.



Hanging Chair Model                                          

Minimum hanging height
(plus mounting material)

Artista amazonas-hangingchair-brasil-artista-sand-01 ca. 210 cm
Brasil  amazonas-brasil-cappuccino-2 ca. 210 cm
Brasil Gigante  amazonas-hangingchair-brasil-gigante-cafe-01 ca. 200 cm
California  amazonas-haengesessel-california-sand-2 ca. 210 cm
Globo Chair  Amazonas-Gartenmoebel-Globo-Chair-natura-1 ca. 175 cm
Globo Royal Chair  Amazonas-Gartenmoebel-Globo-Royal-taupe-2 ca. 175 cm
Swinger  Amazonas-haengesessel-Swinger-black-5xZbp2K8obK3ou ca. 195 cm
Swing Chair  amazonas-hanging-chair-swing-chair-crema-01 ca. 155 cm
Swing Lounger  amazonas-hanging-chair-swing-lounger-anthracite-01 ca. 155 cm


We have numerous mounting options (frames, hooks, ropes, etc.) so that you can be flexible when suspending your hanging chair. We also have the right frame for every hanging chair. We have summarized for you which hanging chair is compatible with which frame in a table.

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