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The right frame for your hammock

Would you like to set up your hammock flexibly in the garden without being "tied" to a tree or a house wall? We have the solution. You will find at least one suitable frame for each of our hammocks in our range.

A frame made of wood or metal?

Advantages of wooden frames for hammocks

  • The optics! We love the handcrafted, stylishly curved wooden arches and the natural wood look!
  • With the corrosion-protected chain suspension, this frame can be flexibly adjusted for different hammock lengths
  • The FSCTM-certified wood (see FSCTM symbols directly on the product websites), the production in Europe and short transport routes to Germany guarantee sustainable production.
  • Our wooden frames are made weatherproof with a special impregnation and can also be left outside. Compared to the metal frames, they are more weather-resistant because they cannot rust.

Advantages of metal frames for hammocks

  • The price! Metal is cheaper to manufacture than sustainably grown wood
  • The gray "RockStone" powder coating is weatherproof and less sensitive to scratches than conventional metal frames
  • Flexible adjustability for different hammock sizes
  • Modern Design
  • Very easy to assemble and dismantle


Which frame for which AMAZONAS hammock?

It depends on the total length of your hammock. Depending on the length of your hammock, there are frames of different sizes. You can see which frame fits which hammock in the following overview.


"How much space do I actually need to hang a hammock properly?"

Stand finder for hammocks

To make it easy for you, we have designed a frame advisor for you. With just a few questions, he has the right hammock stand ready for you.

In addition to the frames, we also have various fastening accessories for your hammock so that you can enjoy maximum hammock comfort.

Only ONE tree in the garden?

At first glance, that's not enough to hang up a hammock. We have invented a frame that solves this problem. It's called Madera, find out more.


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