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Cooperation with Tip me - Amazon supports equality of people worldwide with digital innovation

Tip me - tip the people who need it most

For most of us it is the most normal thing in the world to tip, in the cafe, in the restaurant, or just in between. A "right so" in everyday life is quickly done. Small gesture, big effect.

Wouldn't it be nice to send a "thank you" to the manufacturer of your hammock or hanging chair? Show appreciation, support, or simply make them happy. Studies show: giving makes people happy. We think so and that's why we entered into a cooperation with Tip me.

A small gesture with a big effect makes happy

Thanks to this great digital innovation from Tip me, you can now tip our colleagues in production in Brazil. 100% of the money goes to the people working in production. Amazon takes over all administration and transfer fees and guarantees that there is really 0.00% deduction on the tip.

Decide on three, five, or 10 euros and put it in your shopping cart with your order and someone will go home with a smile on their face. Done. Feels good, doesn't it?

5 Reasons Why Amazon's Partnership with Tip Me Means So Much

  • we reduce global inequalities, we promote fair globalization, and we support people around the world in achieving their individual goals and dreams

  • Valuing our employees in production

  • We want to positively influence the income of our employees
  • The amount of the tip can be decided by each customer himself/herself

  • Your tip goes 1:1 to the worker who made your ordered hammock/hanging chair with his own strength.

This exciting collaboration allows us to give back directly to our customers. Other brands like erlich textil, Ethnotek and Snocks are leading the way and we hope that others will follow suit to create more equality on our planet.

Amazon has been committed to fair working conditions for years

The export of AMAZONAS hammocks provides a permanent job for more than 100 local workers. We are very proud of this. The majority of them receive two to three times the legally protected minimum wage and thus a secure income for them and their families. In addition, they have social standards that are still largely unknown in rural Brazil, such as social security, health insurance and paid vacation.

Working with Tip me allows us to improve the quality of life for our employees at the production sites. We look forward to receiving generous tips. Let's make the world a little fairer together.

We thank you now for all the tips already received and all those yet to come.

Your Amazonas Team

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