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Koala baby hammock (TÜV tested) - Here your baby lies right from the start

Save. Healthy. Strengthened. - the Amazonas Koala baby hammock is the right choice for your child.

Babys are born with a rounded back. During their nine-month development in the womb, the curved spine - medicine speaks of total kyphosis - was the perfect posture. 

After birth, your baby`s spine slowly stretches. This is a gentle process. This takes a whole year and is only completed when your child can stand and walk on his own. 

This medical background makes it clear why it is very important to repeatedly allow your baby to lie with a rounded back.

Baby hammocks support the natural development of your baby after birth

  • Security through limitation. After the feeling of security in the womb, your child may feel a little lost in the new world and miss the limitation it felt in the womb. AMAZONAS baby hammocks support the curved back and give the child back the feeling of security through the soft hugging feeling of the hammock.
  • Just like in the womb, your baby will feel rocking movements in the hammock. This can help with adjustment difficulties. In addition, the rocking movements have been proven to promote the newborn`s sense of balance and coordination.
  • By lying in the baby hammock, your baby`s abdominal wall is relieved - flatulence can be relieved better and overstretching of the little body is avoided.


Click here for the TÜV tested Koala baby hammock and here for more of our high quality baby products.

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