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Brazilian hammock reclining technique - this is how you are right

How to lie correctly in a hammock?

Brazilian hammocks are very wide and are still used as a bed in Brazil. In our country, hammocks are seen as an oasis of relaxation and recreation. So that you can experience the full lying comfort of a hammock, we show you here the Brazilian lying technique. This lying technique is suitable for classic hammocks and for rod hammocks.

Just try it out. The most important thing here is that you do not hang the hammock too tightly, but loosely. See picture below.


You are lying correctly when your body fans out the hammock nicely by lying diagonally and you can relax and watch what is happening above and around you.

How baby hammock koala supports the natural development of your baby.

It is important that the hanging loops of the hammock are attached at head height and are only about 3 m apart. This allows the hammock to sag in a deep arc. Only this makes it possible that you can lie in it diagonally (" from corner to corner ") like a real Brazilian instead of lengthwise. Thus the back remains straight! This is the secret how you can lie comfortably and relaxed in the hammock for hours.

We also have the right fastening material for you, as well as an overview with which frame you can combine which hammock.


A further advantage of this reclining technology

The side fabric of the hammock is stretched taut and has no chance of collapsing over the face and obstructing the view.


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