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5 reasons for sleeping in a quality hammock

For many years Brazilians have traditionally slept almost exclusively in a hammock and have no bed at all. This way of sleeping is, at least in South America, very common. Thus tested a million times and found to be good. There are many reasons why you should definitely try sleeping in a high-quality hammock:

You will fall asleep faster!

  • Swinging in the hammock leads to a faster fall asleep, sometimes the sleep is even deeper, since sleep-related brain wave oscillations are strengthened, Swiss brain researchers from the University of Geneva found out

You will sleep more calmly!

  • You can only turn back and forth in the hammock to a limited extent. When you are lying in bed, pressure points are created at night in various areas due to your weight. You try to relieve these to tension by moving. This is not necessary in a hammock because it adapts to the shape of your body.

Your back pain can get better!

  • Back pain can be alleviated with the right lying technique. The right hammock adapts to you and your sleeping position.

You will sweat less and experience a pleasant climate!

  • Especially on hot summer nights you will find a place in a hammock that is well ventilated from all sides. This is how you can regulate your personal temperature

You are spared from house dust mites!

  • In hammocks house dust mites have no breeding ground, hammocks are unreachable for mites and other crawling friends

Click here for the advantages of rod and classic hammocks.

And now just try it out. Off to the hammock. We are happy about feedback.

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