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Hammocks - A word, or almost a science. The selection is gigantic and tastes are different here. Rod hammock, or classic hammock - which is better? One topic, many opinions. We enlighten you.
Hanging mats not only look beautiful, but also offer considerable added value to health. Reasons why lying and even sleeping in a hammock is good for your health are explained in this article.
For many years, Brazilians have traditionally slept in a hammock, and many have no bed at all. They do this for many reasons: 1. you will fall asleep faster. 2. sleep is generally quieter and more efficient.
Brazilian hammocks are very wide and are still used as a bed in Brazil. In our country hammocks are seen as an oasis of relaxation and recreation. So that you can experience the full lying comfort of a hammock, we show you here the Brazilian lying technique.
AMAZONAS is a manufacturer of hammocks and hanging chairs traditionally produced by hand in Brazil. Up to 100 trained employees work for original Brazilian quality at the highest level.
AMZONAS renovates solvent hammock factory in Brazil, thus securing jobs for up to 100 locals and, thanks to European standards, offers them a safe working environment and thus security for them and their families.
More than 20 years ago the foundation stone for the hammock manufacturer Amazonas was laid in the rainforest by company founder Matthias Saul. He spent his first night in a hammock there. This was horrible, then he learned and that was the beginning of his company AMAZONAS.
The origin of the hammock can be found in Latin America. The hammock serves(s) primarily as a sleeping and resting place, which protected against poisonous and wild animals, as well as against dirt and humidity.