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Rod hammock, or classic hammock?

Rod hammocks are extremely popular thanks to their convincing appearance. Currently, the Bohamian style, very popular. Natural colors, with fringes and macramé. Classic hammocks also have many advantages - which you probably don't even know. 

Hammocks - A word, or almost a science. The selection is gigantic and tastes are different here. Rod hammock, or classic hammock - which is better? One topic, many opinions. We enlighten you.

6 steps which bring you to your perfect hammock

Classic hammocks and its advantagesamazonas-vorteile-haengematte

  • More stability and therefore (tipping)safer than a rod hammock
  • Fits better to the body than a rod hammock (feeling of hugging)
  • Well suited for sleeping (Brazilian lying technique)
  • More suitable for children than a rod hammock, due to the stability
  • More privacy and isolation by sinking into the hammock (however, sinking into the hammock can also be avoided by the Brazilian lying technique)
  • A classic hammock can be stowed away better than a rod hammock
  • The transport is less complicated, since no bars have to be stowed away like with the rod hammock

Rod hammock and its advantages


  • Rod hammock makes it easier to get in, because the hammock is already opened by the rods

  • Sinking in is rather small with a rod hammock compared to the classical, Brazilian hammock

  • Hammock fabric does not cast a shadow on rod hammocks (perfect for sun worshippers)

  • Rod hammocks are visually more attractive (we have often heard)

  • The padded luxury Fat Hammock bar hammock offers a special advantage - due to its weight and the fact that it sinks into the padding, it can be described as an (almost) tip-resistant bar hammock.
  • The fabric of AMAZONAS rod hammocks is wider than the spreader bars, so that as much stability as possible can be achieved. 

There is the right hammock for everyone. If you have sufficiently informed yourself about the advantages and disadvantages of each hammock, you will quickly get a feeling for which hammock makes you happy. Because they really make you happy and even promote health. If you still need help, click here. 


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