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How to hang up your AMAZONAS products properly

Tastes are different, as are the individual possibilities each person has to hang a hammock or a hanging chair. Sitting and lying positions are individual for everyone. Here you get the full view how to get the best for your product and yourself.

You and your hammock

How does your hammock really hang properly now? This is not rocket science. Whether rod hammock, or classic hammock.

It is actually quite easy to enjoy maximum hammock comfort. Soon you will get the hang of how to hang your hammock properly.
To make sure that you lie safely in your hammock, we have individual mounting options for you. Find out here which one suits you best.


You and your hanging chair

There are numerous, creative possibilities to hang up a hanging chair. Depending on the type of hanging chair. However, there is one small thing to consider, which is what you can find out here.
With a frame, without a frame, what are the possibilities for hanging chairs?
With these mounting options you can hang out relaxed in any case.

With these attachment options you can definitely hang out relaxed.